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veterinarian and health supervisor
i m working in AL-SAFI DAIRY CO,.in K.S.A.
veterinarian and health supervisor
Participation in Forum on November 12, 2016
Yes, my friend.Small injuries or biting can not cause mastitis directly.But open wound or lacerations of udder is predispoting factor to invites bovine mammalary ulcerative virus.This can respond to any antibiotics and finally udder or quarter going to dry or gangrene.
Participation in Forum on November 11, 2016
good information mastitis epidemiology and dry cow mastitis epidemiology and management of bedding materials is too much important. bedding material types,pH, humidity,particles size, frequency of cleaning or harrowing and sunlight availability and post milking teat deep and feeding just after milking and eradication of mastitis bug,,etc. also so much important point udder health,teat health and ...
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good observation but sir some of very big size farm it is same like impossibles to do every day. need some permanent solution.
Participation in Forum on November 24, 2014
for dry of pregnant cow the chance of displaced abomasum and acidosis is rarely,but the chance of pneumonia i can not comment b/c it s infectious disease u can judge by clinical sign, but i have dought that feed formulation and mixing problems. if u check feed formulation ,mixing and distribution and dry feed particles size ( length of rods).for treatment point of u ,u can used rumen juice of othe ...
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December 21, 2012
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