Video published on February 10, 2020
Todd Applegate (University of Georgia) talked about the transition to NAE (No Antibiotics Ever) in poultry production, as well as advances in nutrition against bacterial diseases, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
Video published on March 13, 2019
Todd Applegate (University of Georgia) explained the findings of this research and also talked about the use of recycled litter, during IPPE 2019 in Atlanta, USA.
Video published on March 13, 2019
Todd Applegate (University of Georgia) discussed the effect of mycotoxins on digestibility and the use of binders, among other subjects, during IPPE 2019 in Atlanta, USA.
Video published on March 19, 2018
Todd Applegate (University of Georgia) spoke on the effects of whole corn on ileal and cecal microbiota, as well as the importance of collaborative work in today's poultry industry, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
Video published on March 3, 2017
Todd Applegate, Head of Poultry Science Department at the University of Georgia, talked about the advances that the poultry industry has had in understanding probiotics and their effect. Also, Applegate went over his researches on amino acids and mycotoxins, during IPPE 2017 in Atlanta, USA.
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