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Hi, good efforts and results, but what are the differences between using yeast as a growth promoter and as a source of free nucleotides.How we get it for testing also?
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The period for growing/raising broilers is short. Therefore, handling, nutrition, and hygiene errors can cause economic losses, since there is no time to recover the performance after the damages arising from possible failures. The early investment in the growth cycle of these animals is essential to enable them to reach their full genetic potential.  The use of functional nutrients/additiv ...
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This is the new trend in poultry nutrition and its a good data to overcome the the increasing mortality and to enhance the egg production, but you added 2 levels in water while, i find only one level (0.2ml/ bird) in 2 ages (24 w and 18 days later) and its need clarification and which level led to these results. Many Thanks
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Dear Bouayad , First thank you for your comments . Yes we were worried if the vaccine still working against different H9N2 isolation specially when we have seen mortality in vaccinated flocks , I have done a a study for 3 isolation from different countries and we have found out that they are not much different from vaccines strain, what we have found that other diseases were playing a role in th ...
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Introduction Due to increases in population, income and living standards, consumers’ demand shifts to higher quality, various, and more poultry meat consumption. The poultry industry is presently studying on alternatives to meet these consumers’ demands. Also, scientists are trying much more efforts to respond to these expectations. On the other hand, they want to make sure this does ...
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Their is any significant effects on all parameters you measured and this is not illegal, so, what about immunity.
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This is a good research, and I agree with Hossan Md. Salim about the feed cost between treatments because the very much amount of vitamins added and gained little differences in BWG.
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Dear Sir, It is very good presentation, I make a new research about enzymes and low energy in broiler diets, I will be happy if you could send me a soft copy of that . Thanks
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