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Dear sir this is an interesting information presented to some of us in the business of poultry feeds manufacturing but the writer did not consider the effect of summer-winter variations while formulating the feeds. Secondly he did not also mentioned the effect of lighting on the performance of the birds along with the strains of the broiler so that the grower can attained a table weight in 6 weeks ...
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Very interesting and informative article for poultry meat producers to strictly follow the right thing especial on the aspect of good a nutrition for doc, but in our developing country most farms do not want to follow a simple rule of getting the best, instead they prefer to cut corner in order to save cost and in doing so that at the end getting a negative result or incurring losses which lead to ...
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Thank you very much for this presentations and the time taking , it is an enlighten paper presented for some of us practicing or keeping a commercial birds for the purpose of egg production as a means of income. Please help me clarify what is the required quantity of bleaching powder to be used while treating the water for poultry. Secondly I want to know their respective ph value recommended safe ...
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