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Most soils in New Zealand are low in Se to various degrees, and an efficient supplementation of selenium is therefore crucial to maintain the reproductive and productive performances of animals. Listen to Triana Parker, Country Manager at BEC Feed Solutions. Trina will share her experience with her NZ customers on the use of Selisseo in ruminants with us.
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Dr Anup Kalra Mepron® mini-pellets carry 85% methionine – that’s top of the class. Thanks to the unique coating technology, Mepron® is stable in all mixing and conveying procedures in a feed mill and in a TMR. It delivers 60% of metabolizable methionine to the cow which makes it the most e?cient rumen protected methionine. The typical daily dose is 8-15g.
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How did heat-stressed cows get the benefits of the products at the same time?
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Valuable and good guide informations Nutrition and health also affect SCC Levels.
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