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Mridul Borah
Any poultry related service in Assam including Poultry Disease diagnosis
Participation in Forum on September 14, 2017
This is a good job done. In most part of India, the water quality used in poultry is poor. Hence treatment is always necessary to get the proper result. However, from the article, I could not get clear information what kind of sanitizer the author used. If the author can provide the information it will be more beneficial for us.Thanks,Mridul.
Participation in Forum on December 30, 2015
In winter, normally the farmers cover the shed with side curtains up to the full height of the shed early in the afternoon to avoid chilling. Here farmers makes two mistakes- 1. The curtains they use is of plastic or polythene and 2. Covering the shed for more than 12 hours. Polythene or plastic curtains are not suitable for broiler farms. It prevents the winds only, the chilling can not be prev ...
Participation in Forum on December 29, 2014
There may be various reasons of uneven growth. Most of them are managemantal. The small farmers and chick traders have a normal tendency to blame the chicks producers of supplying poor quality chicks but, dose never rectify their managemental condition. My experience is,even poor quality chicks perform well provided management is good. Out of the major conditions- overcrowding, lack of feeders and ...
Participation in Forum on October 23, 2014
May be Iodine compound will be of help. You try one. Providone iodine may be used. Also try to use water acidifier 3-4 times the normal dose. I believe the problem will subside. Of course, if the kidney is severely affected anti-gout treatment (Allopurinol and Vitamin-A) needs to be done. In India my treatment in such cases is Safegard-0.5ml/lit water for 48 hours Allopurinol (10%)- 1gm/5kg body ...
Photo posted on August 31, 2014
Muscular hemorrhage
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Participation in Forum on May 25, 2014
It is good to learn about the lifting of ban. I feel, it is the Narendra Modi effect on the world politics; because every country has an eye on India for a business relationship and Narendra Modi is known for his Gujarat model. If it is so India will have to be careful. Otherwise the country will be loosing somewhere.
Participation in Forum on August 9, 2012
Though it is said that there is no effective treatment for Gumboro Disease or Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD), it has been obsered that some herbal immunomodulators (particularly Imurich manufactured by Samsun Biotech and Gamonex by Warner multimedia) alongwith Vit E works well. However morbidity and mortality is totally dependant on the strees factor. The more the birds are comfortable the l ...
Participation in Forum on June 24, 2012
Keeping the birds stress-free will help in preventing any kind of infectious disease and ND is not the exception. One more aspect which is normally overlooked in the farm level either knowingly or un-knowingly is the procedure of vaccination. Many a farmer opts for water vaccination. But if the vaccine is mixed with treated water, particularly if it is having antiviral property then the vaccine vi ...
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March 9, 2012
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