Ong-arge Insung
Assistant Professor Dr. Ong-arge Insung
A Lecturer and a researcher in ruminant nutrition.
Assistant Professor Dr. Ong-arge Insung
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Beautiful article covering the importance of NDF and confirms already available data as well as practical experience of dedicated livestock farmers
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Yes.I am particularly interested in the use of Digestible NDF in reference to tropical grasses and forages. Kikuyu grass, Napier grass among others.
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A very useful, up to date, very comprehensive presentation.
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Chuck Schwab, Professor Emeritus University of New Hampshire, USA. speaks about the factors affecting the amino acid (AA) requirements of dairy cows: Protein digestion, metabolizable AA sources, absorbed AA functions, benefits of balancing for the most limiting AA, and more. Presentation at the 2020 Vision and Beyond Ruminant Nutrition Conference, organized by Adisseo
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The most interesting take-home feeling I gathered from these comments, is the role that health and well-being of the cows play for most of the participants.It is important to realize that dairying in those countries where it is a major industry; explotedit is a business and as such, is driven by profits. Cows are bred to be pushed and make milk, regardless of their own wellbeing, the expected life ...
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Am a dairy farmer in Kenya -That is in Africa. The constraints of good fodder production the world over is under threat by among other things climate change and diminishing land sizes.Its hard to avoid the temptation of being the super farmer with a river of white gold.But I think we have done well in improving the breeds without a similar effort the other end to improve on fodder quality and farm ...
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February 20, 2012
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