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We have developed a strip. If you dip it in milk the color will change from yellow to light green, indicating signs of subclinical mastitis. This is proving to be very handy under field conditions.
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Application/oral supplementation of herbal formulations for curing sub-clinical and clinical mastitis is well proven and has been shown to be very effective under field conditions. The disease is causing maximum economic loss to the dairy sector. Use of antibiotics for curing clinical mastitis is on the increase and problem of anti-microbial resistance is a matter of great concern for all those as ...
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Very useful information, especially for the young practicing veterinarians and farm managers. Higher levels of Vitamin E along with Selenium supplemented in the ration during the last two months of calving helps building strong immune response that could greatly help in reducing SCC post calving. Great piece of information !! Thanks
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It is a very good piece of information. In the context of developing countries, I would like to emphasis that the quality of dry fodder/hay fed to young calves is not all that good, primarily due to non-availability and lack of awareness about the importance of good quality legume hay. As a result, milk producers in these countries end up achieving a growth rate in the range of 500-600 g per day, ...
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Chuck Schwab, Professor Emeritus University of New Hampshire, USA. speaks about the factors affecting the amino acid (AA) requirements of dairy cows: Protein digestion, metabolizable AA sources, absorbed AA functions, benefits of balancing for the most limiting AA, and more. Presentation at the 2020 Vision and Beyond Ruminant Nutrition Conference, organized by Adisseo
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M/s Trieto Biotech Swagat Industrial Park, Plot No. 2, Opp Dharti Industrial Apollo Industrial Estate, on Chhatral Kadi Highway, DHANOT, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, 382 729 Contact person: Mr Snehal Patel Email: M 00 91 97260 99646
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Would like to know that for how long and in what quantity it is to be fed to pregnant mothers and at what stage in the advanced stage of pregnancy. Will it be effective in buffaloes as well since buffalo calves have low immunity at birth and for that reason mortality rate in buffalo calves is very high under field conditions. If not tried in buffaloes, it must be tried. If it is good for buffalo ...
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One company near Ahmedabad is commercially manufacturing Aloe Vera based ointment and oral supplement for treating mastitis at sub-clinical and clinical levels which I understand is being used by Amul with excellent results under field conditions. We too used these preparations in Punjab with excellent results. For large scale use, such a ready made stuff is very nice. However, it has also been tr ...
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Herbs based treatment for clinical and sub-clinical mastitis has a great future. We are well aware of the indiscriminate use of antibiotics for mastitis treatment, which is causing antimicrobial resistance in human beings consuming milk with antibiotics residues. Moreover, damage caused to the udder and the teats is often irreversible. Since we aim at improving productivity of dairy cattle, for ob ...
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Selenium along with vitamin E are very crucial and play very important role in improving anti-oxidant status of dairy cows. Selenium should be in the organic form as seleno methionine and seleno cysteine. When fed in combination, according to one study conducted by us, it significantly improved glutathione peroxidase activity, FRAP value, IGg, IGm, IGa, milk fat, milk protein and FCM (4%). When se ...
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