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Professional animal and pasture scientist
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Good afternoon dr Manella, I would like to know if there is someone in South Africa who can sell your product as mentioned in the paper about the tannins (Sylvafeed bypro). I would love to test it in our environment as I am working at farmers who feed about 3 000 calves per year from 180 kg live weight up to 300 kg on a background system. We would love to get results as published. Kind regards ...
Discussion created on February 11, 2014
Can we use GMO corn in dairy rations? It is well known that cattle do not utilize GMO maize remains, or they utilize it very poorly. Can it be something in the maize or is it only in the remains?
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Mike, Thank you for your comment. One of the farmers that I assist, went to a study group where one of the lecturers (a animal feed fundi?) told them not to use GMO maize in dairy rations. I know that cattle do not utilize GMO maize rests (remains) very well. A lot of farmers have noticed that already in the north west province of South Africa. But I never heard anything about the maize its ...
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February 14, 2012
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