Article published the April 5, 2018
Introduction The buffalo and cow calves born at the government livestock farms are usually given milk at the rate of 10% of their body for 8 weeks, and then tapering it off to zero at the end of 12th week. The growth rate and weaning weights of both these species have been variable across the years at these livestock farms (data from annual reports of LPRI, Bahadurnagar, Okara) indicating the ...
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Article published the September 2, 2016
INTRODUCTIONCitrus pulp is one of the major agro-industrial byproducts. It is solid residue lefts after squeezing the juice of fresh citrus fruits. It comprises 60 to 65% peels, 0 to 10% seeds and 30 to 35% pulp segments. Fresh citrus pulp has 19.7% dry matter (DM) (Agshaghali and Maheri, 2008). It has high moisture and sugar contents (Rihani, 1991). Properly preserved citrus pulp can be used in t ...
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Article published the July 25, 2016
Originally published in the Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary AdvancesINTRODUCTIONIn modern poultry production, feed has prime importance for nutritionists as it has 70% share of total production cost1. More than 80% of the feed is blend of ingredients from the plant source2. These cereals contain non starch polysaccharides (NSPs) in their cell wall such as cellulose, hemicellulose, pent ...
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