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marek outbeak, in m experience usually corelated with high chalenge in early rearing periode and together with poor management of brooding. same case usually found poor storage of vaccine, vaccine not completly deep in liquid nitrogen. double injected vaccine at hatchery is recommended for very hihg chalenge area and farm with very poor biosecurity, in order to avoid miss dose due to miss injected ...
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the key of diseases control of respiratory diseases in poultry are biosecurity, and than quality of vaccine and application of vaccination. good article,... !!.
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it is good information, next step reseach should discovery why and when the nose of human have decease temperature and or incrase it's temperature. so, I hope big quetion in my country (Indonesia) that have most case of AI in human nect time will get the answer.
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in addition, we should give more attention to relaive humidity , high humidity in hot climet can cause hotter effective temperature, and it also can cause colder effective temperature if it happen in cold climate. so we should combine controller of three kind variable, its are temperature, humidity and wind speed. so we can reduce humidity araound the hen house. avoid tree around the house, avoid ...
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