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BackgroundControl and eradication of intestinal infections caused by protozoa are important biotechnological and medical challenges worldwide. The coccidial parasites Eimeria, Toxoplasma, Neospora and Cryptosporidium are the cause of serious diseases in humans and animals. Many of these intracellular protozoa affect the small intestine and produce devastating effects on immune compromised subjects ...
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Use vitamin C, bicarbonates in water. Cut down high protein diet in day time. Proper ventilation. Respiratory soothing agents like eucalyptus oil, peppermint, menthol should be given in day time.
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Thanks my colleagues for your valuable information and I suggest that you can use Vitamin C in water and using cold water also at same time in open houses beside soudium bicarbonate in feed. In broilers, you have to remove the feed during hot hours (almost from 10 am to 4 pm) to reduce bird’s stress due to heat increment (due to digestion and metabolism). Regards S A Elsafty Prof. of Poultry Prod ...
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More awareness is needed through TV, Media and so on to change the negative and incorrect information regarding this issue. Genetics + Nutrition + Management = High performance of the bird. Greetings
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The brooding period is important to getting chicks off to a good start and influences flock performance. Depending on the market weight, the brooding period represents as much as 1/3 of the grow-out period. The chick is still developing and will grow rapidly during this period. The objective is to minimize stress on the chick so that the majority of the energy is directed towards growth and develo ...
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Thanks All, I fully agree with Prof. Dr. Hafez. Anyway, There are many factors affecting Lameness in broiler chicks (chick quality, genetic, feed and farming management), but we have to clarify the case accurately to solve the problem.Thanks,Hope you my find usefulSalah El-Safty, Ph.D.
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Hi everybody, All of the previous comments are very good and important to do, but I think the heat stress, overcrowding and imbalanced ratios are mainly the cause of this problem. we should improve the previous elements and we will gain good results. Good luck Dr. Salah El-Safty Egypt
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Thanks for all, those recommendations are very practically good, but we can focus also on 1. Providing good ventilation, 2. Add England Salt to facilitate the oviposion process. 3. Minimum bird's density. 4. Increasing feed protein level. 5. Add mineral mixture to water. 6. Decrease lighting intensity to minimum level. Good Luck
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I am Dr. Salah ElSafty, Poultry Production Dept. Ain Shams Univ., Egypt. Please I am asking about if I can attend a training course about How to mange and make the composting from animal carcasses, especially from poultry mortalities. I am waiting your reply as soon
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