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Thank you for this interesting article. Do you have any data about the zea content in urine from the E group? How do you explain the increased concentration of zea in feces when it is reduced at the lower dosage of MIA ? What is the role of the mineral absorbent if no increased Zea is foud in feces? Thanks for your comments. Sincerely Fernando Escribano Sáez Manager Animal Nutrition Marketing ...
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Thanks very much for the very interesting article on composting. Maybe you could help me with one question: What is the effect of composting manure from different sources (pig slurry, poultry litter on wood shavings, beef cattle or dairy on straw) when animal have been fed with 2% of clays like: sepiolite, bentonite, attapulgite, Kaolin...?. Can we add the clay at the beginig of composting or at t ...
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Dear Dr Taylor: Id like to make a comment for your consideration as regards to feeding strategies for piglets. My comment refers to the use of rheological clays, in paticular rheological sepiolite, in the nutrition of the very young piglet. Weve some practical experience offering free choice a pure micronised rheological sepiolite, without any additional product added, to newborn piglets. They h ...
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Thanks for the interesting summary article. Do you have any expertise using clays in combination with copper sulfate and zinc oxide formulae by sparying the claws and/or preparing the footbath in dairy?
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Is there anyone willing to share experiences with treatments against bad odour from laying hen manure? I'm mostly interested in solutions that could be applied via feed or water. I've heard of some herbal and plant extracts that can be incorporated in the feed at small concentrations with certain antibiotic efficacy that could results in a significant reduction of bad odours from the manure as sim ...
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