Article published the October 10, 2018
Introduction Site-specific information on the exact levels of vitamin E supplementation to gilts to optimize their reproductive ability and subsequently the body development of the piglets are lacking in most parts of the world particularly in the developing nations like ours. Most estimates on vitamin E supplementation are based on the minimum level required to overcome deficiency symptoms and n ...
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Article published the October 15, 2012
INTRODUCTION Pig production in the developing countries has been adversely affected by a number of factors traceable to environmental, nutritional management and perhaps genetic factors.  Controlling these factors will impact positively on the animal’s overall productivity. More importantly, biological free radicals have been strongly implicated as one of the major causes of poor perfo ...
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Article published the February 14, 2011
Abstract Twenty nine cockerels were used to investigate the effect of cassava peel meal on the haematology. The birds were assigned to 3 treatments namely D1, D2 and D3. D1 had 9 birds and served as control. D2 and D3 which contained 20% and 30% CPM respectively had 10 birds each. Statistical analysis of the haematological parameters showed significant differences (P<0.5) between the con ...
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