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#Salmonella in poultry
Article published the July 19, 2021
IntroductionA 42-year history of information on Salmonella enterica serotypes indicates it is essential to rapidly determine serotype and subtype of isolates from contaminated products to improve the safety of food (Liu et al., 2011; Fabre et al., 2012; CDC-NCEZID, 2013; Lettini et al., 2014). Recently, a sequence-based method called dkgB-linked intergenic sequence ribotyping (ISR) became availabl ...
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Article published the January 12, 2018
1. Introduction In the US, 30 serovars of Salmonella enterica causing foodborne illness persist at an incidence in the general food supply to warrant continuous survey [1]. Several serovars are of interest for their association with eggs and poultry products. Phenotype microarray (PM) data were accumulated for the top 4 serovars of Salmonella enterica linked to chicken (Typhimurium, Enteritidis, H ...
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Article published the November 2, 2017
IntroductionSalmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis (Salmonella Enteritidis) accounts for nearly 20% of laboratory-confirmed illnesses of salmonellosis in recent years (CDC, 2014). Consumption of shell eggs and egg products is associated with risk of infection from Salmonella Enteritidis in humans (CDC, 2003; Cowden et al., 1989; Elson et al., 2005). A large multistate outbreak of Salmonella Enter ...
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Article published the September 15, 2017
1. Introduction Salmonella enterica subsp. I serovar Enteritidis (SE) is the world’s leading cause of human salmonellosis (Braden, 2006; Schroeder et al., 2006). It is unique among over 2500 S. enterica (S.) serotypes, because it alone has the ability to efficiently contaminate the internal contents of eggs produced by otherwise healthy hens at a frequency associated with substantial food-bo ...
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Participation in Forum on November 18, 2016
Hi all, thanks for the constructive comments. In regards to the availability of PCR, used thermocyclers can be acquired at very low cost and the cost of primers is trivial. We don't even have to send ISR products out for sequencing to see that we get positive bands for Salmonella enterica subspecis I. Since the capability to conduct PCR is the basis of so many tests today, a laboratory that does n ...
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First of all thank you very much for this valuable work ,my opinion is to put international strategy to control salmonella not to eradicate salmonella we have to start typing according to the ISR and and define epidemiological map and start a vaccination program using vector vaccine. Regards, Prof.Dr. Hamouda A.S. Professor of Poultry Disease Cairo university Egypt Specialist in Salmonella
Article published the October 28, 2016
 IntroductionBrazil currently ranks as the major exporter of chicken meat in the world with markets in more than 150 countries. Salmonella enterica (Salm. enterica) is one of the most important bacterial pathogens that can cause foodborne illness (Schroeder et al. 2006). It is often transmitted to people by eggs and other poultry products (Hogue et al. 1997). The Brazilian poultry industry is ...
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Video published on November 13, 2014
Jean Guard, Veterinary Medical Officer at USDA, speaks about Salmonella Enterica, current regulations in layers and broilers, the importance of reporting outbreaks and new methods for evaluating on-farm and in-plant Salmonella ecology at AMEVEA Ecuador 2014.
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