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Brett Roosendaal
MSc Agric
Monogastric nutrition
MSc Agric
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David Wicker (Fieldale Farms) discussed vaccination, selected breeder flocks, nutrition, supervision and other aspects of antibiotic-free production, during the Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference in Indianapolis, USA.
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NTRODUCTIONFor efficient production of animal products, the right amount of nutritionally adequate feedstuff should be supplied to the animal. All dietary components, such as energy, amino acid (AA), vitamins, and minerals are important when formulating diets for swine and poultry, however more attention should be given to the dietary energy and AA, as these components account for major cost of sw ...
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To whom it concerns Good evening I have been employed and appointed as a consultant to design a semi integrated broiler operation to conform to EUregulations The integration comprises of Hatchery Broiler Farms and Services Processing Plant and Services Administration and Finance Sales and Marketing I require the the appropriate EU regulations which we must use to ensure that all the operatio ...
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Sfiso,It depends on the production system that you are going to use. A modern completely environmentally controlled house can house up to 22 broilers per square meter. An open sided house, with curtains and fans, can stock at 14 to 18 broilers per square meter. Less sophisticated housing can be stocked lower than the numbers given above.
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31st Poultry Science Symposium 2014
Article published the January 17, 2011
IntroductionSouth African broiler production systems vary from rudimentary subsistence farming to simplistic open house systems to highly technologically advanced integrated businesses that are world competitive. The primary genetic stock is Cobb 500 and Ross 308, however, Arbor Acres, Hubbard and Hybro are also present. In South Africa, poultry meat consumption is predominantly chicken with a fra ...
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