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It is very nicely designed experiment study.The pig's weight at birth is getting important since sow's littersize is getting larger due to genetics for hyper prolific lines.The relationship between littersize and birth weght is that one more pigs of litter reduces 20g of birth weight.However, the heritabilty of birth weight is fairly high, since it is as growth trait, during prenatal period. We ca ...
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The cough monitoring needs to be tight to the ventilation and gas monitoring detection in the barn and have a better diagnostic
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Hi Pablo, Thank you for your comment. Yes this the first piece of work we carried out looking at the effect our products had following E.coli challenge. We have subsequently done work with veterinary groups on farms replacing zinc oxide in their weaners.
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Very interesting but the groups is too small and do not reflect what happens in real life with a large number of pigs per pen. Where there is more factors to trigger digestive problems.
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I agree that the manufacturing method will kill or inactivate the virus. But biosecurity practice on the plant could be the source of contamination. We see this every day in swine practice. An example is a filtered farm gets infected with PRRS for failure of biosecurity protocols and not not for the failure of filters or in a truck wash with an excellent clean disinfect and dry procedure can sprea ...
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A good biosecurity program is essential for the improvement and maintenance of the genetic potential and productivity of farm animals.Disease outbreaks on farms affect productivity in numerous undesirable ways, such as reducing productivity, increasing mortality and reducing daily gain. Not only does this affect herd health but it also affects producers' bottom lines. Disease also can cause produc ...
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In my personal opinion we can get the same productivity from a sow in Gestation crates or Pen gestation (think when an animal has stress one of the first sign is stop reproduction this is not the case). The productivity in both systems will depend of management. The change comes from the consumer pressure and the change has to be done if the people that buy our product request the change. With the ...
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On the picture It looks like PRRS lesions but I would check also for Actinobacillus Suis, Thanks
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Good discusion about poultry semen in cold weather. One of the rules that has woreked for me is never put the doses back even in hot weather. If the manager of the farm is organized it will be very easy to control.
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I t is very important Asses the problem with diagnostics (Pleuropneumoniae in Pigs, PRRS, Influenza, PCV2, APP, A Suis Pasteurella, etc.) And Evaluate performance evaluation ADG, mort by stage etc. Once we have our diagnostics and effect in growth we can design our Treatment strategic. If we do that we will avoid using antibiotics arbitrarily and produce resistance. We need use the antibiotics wh ...
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