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whats your idea about effects of consumption water temperature in chicken house? for example some farm supply water from reserves from out of house and consumption water nearly 12- 14 during winter and cold month. maybe this factor is important and effects on increase of ascite in broiler flocks.
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when you mentioned level of sodium must decrease to 400 ppm. it is difficult and not practical suggestion. in normal ration we regulated 0.25-0.3 % then 0.04 % ( your idea) is probably not good suggestion.
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Usually, red hocks was observed, when want to take-off chick from hatchery baskets. Generally this position continue until 5 days after hatch. But incubator condition effects on legs was observed in this characteristics during rearing of birds: 1-lameness 2-mortality 3-FCR 4- Growth Thanks Ahmad salahi
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I think that this trial results in ROSS708, but the majority of meat brioler that reared in world are ROSS308. The other points is necessary to mentioned that chick length is not better than body weight or rate of yolk sac absorption. in practice we observed many chickens with large size but a little activity and bad navel condition. I think that mixe of luven score( pasgar score)+ hatchtech ...
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