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Clostridium infection.Adeno Virus. Some mechanical injury due to eating of matel particles.
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Very informative. In winter when there is fogg RH out side the house is above 85% what should be the minimum ventilation rate in this condition. This condition we are facing now a days. Out side temperature is 0 oF
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I have never read this type of article on Mycotoxin in Day Old Chicks. I thankful to Dr.Stephen Adejoro for sharing.
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Dr. Maqsood has given too much detail about energy conservation for tunnel ventilation. I think while insulating the house if reflecting material is used it will work well as compared to insulation, as the house during whole day absorb heat and at night it dessipate heat. In other words after the house become hot it takes time to cool. I realy appreciate Dr. Maqsood providing valuable tips. Habi ...
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The author discussed very important issue about chick quality. The variation in egg weight of a flock also affect chick quality. The subsequent performance of chick also depend on the machines have single stage or multistage settings.
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It is absolutely impossible to feed moldy feed to the animal and then get good results. It is best to look over ingredients for mold before storage. The moisture level before storage should be less than 13%. If there is some type of toxin found it should be discarded or treated with anti toxins before storage to stop further propagation of toxins. Good article.
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I think that the author has covered all aspects of the disease which prevails all over the world.
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