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All suggestions are right but let me add another view to solve the problem of wet letter in broiler farms for poultry let me divide to the main ways. 1-Water------- 2-Feed---- 3-Managements---- *Water (TDS-TBC-Temp optimal of the water&calculate consumed quantity) *Feed quality -- %of fiber-%of protein-quality of protein- salt contents sod.pot.&sulphat. ------) type of feed with complete feed ...
Article published the December 27, 2012
Introduction Infectious Bronchitis consider one of the epidemic respiratory diseases over the world infected poultry in different stage of age, instead of its respiratory but can infected genital tract of female layer and parent breeder leading to produce bad eggs quality as well as decrease production level their target specially in mature birds leading to swelling of kidney, finally high mortal ...
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Dear all salam I'm veternarian from Iraq and work as assistant lecturer in agriculture college work on vaccination programm against IBD and IB diseases i need any new researchs about this topic if any one can help me with my regards.
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Dr. jenan Najdat Abdulrahman D.V.M. , Msc. of poultry diseaes So important article and has great benifite specially for brioler farm ,please can u send me the component of herbal formula ?
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salam dr.Rahul I think the real causes of vent pecking is bad management inside poultry house like overcrowding , high density of light inside poultry house ,high level of salts in ratio or may be in drinking water or as you say protien difficiencies so when u treat all these problems u can over the case.
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Thank u dr.ayyat for your useful article. I'm a veternerian and get Msc. degree in poultry diseases. My question dear dr. if there is any toxicity with lead in drinking water of chicken can we treated it with clay or vit. E especialy we know that the bird drink double dose when compard with feed intake and how much we must add to the drinking water for poultry especially brioler breed and how lon ...
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