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Yes, specific yeasts are efficient against heat stress in dairy cows and ruminants. The statement of '...only probiotic yeast that doesn't need vacuum bag' is not correct; other yeasts sources can be found without vacuum bag ; it is also to be mentioned that some very stable yeasts can, in addition, be packaged under very protective atmosphere in order to extend the shelf-life beyond 12 months, as ...
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Article published the July 2, 2012
Heat stress could cost the dairy producer up to 400 €/cow/year (Saint Pierre et al., 2003). Around 80% of these losses are associated with drop of productivity, and 20% with health issues: impaired reproduction and immunity, which translate into increased mortality and mastitis frequency etc. In 2011, Prof. Burgos Zimbelman and Collier, from University of Arizona revised the heat stress scale ...
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Article published the January 10, 2011
Key points Due to sub-optimal selenium levels in most soils, nutritionists and scientists advocate selenium supplementation in ruminant diet.Organic selenium (selenium yeast) is more bioavailable than its mineral counterpart (selenite, selenate) for dietary supplementation, hence more effective to improve selenium status.Selenium yeast supplementation of ruminant diet has been shown to improv ...
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