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It would be of value to know if embryonic heat stress (applied during the incubation process) might precondition the future broilers and layers to better withstand high temperatures during their productive lives.
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Dr. Wineland discusses an important advantage of the single stage incubation process - the economic advantage! We are receiving many customer reports confirming increased viability, increased weigh gains, and (maybe subsequently) improved feed efficiency. An area which we feel has been erroneously commented is that single stage incubation is a more expensive process - mostly due to an increas ...
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An excellent and detailed examination - congratulations Dr. Nipane. I would comment only that the careful management of male and female maturity during the rearing period will reduce many problems and ensure a successful production period. Males must be more mature than the females in order to avoid male rejection in the breeding house which results in the males losing their aggresiveness (socia ...
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Very interesting article. I'd like to add an observation that breeder management, particularly the management of the maturity levels of the males and females must be carefully monitored. When males are not mature and mating before egg production starts, the fertility seldom reaches satisfactory levels. In nature, in the Spring, before the wild birds lay their eggs, they mate. It appears that pulle ...
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Interesting. I would like to see some independent research references and costings. Thank you. S.M.MacLean Natureform, Inc
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