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Participation in Forum on December 15, 2015
According to my experience this problem is due to mycotoxins. use of some toxin binder or change of feed source or rather dilution of feed will solve the problem.Also concentrate on water quality also. Dr.Jahan Zeb Ansari Poultry Development Officer Govt. Poultry Farm Bahawalpur Punjab, pakistan
Participation in Forum on December 23, 2014
Dear Farmer you please consider all the points mentioned by other participants and also consider the following ones, 1- please deworm your birds if not done so 2- offer green fodder daily to birds;hang the fodder within shed so bird remain busy. 3- if debeaking is not proper then touch the beaks again. 4- Increase nesting space. 5- the site of egg laying should be in dark 6- use liquid parafin in ...
Participation in Forum on October 24, 2012
Try to increase ventilation of shed and concentrate on water source. At present also apply some long acting antibiotic injection also. Dr.Jahan zeb Ansari
Participation in Forum on April 12, 2012
addition of Vitamin C or use of other drugs lowering blood pressure may improve the situation. offiering green fodder / grass also reduce the problem. (Dr. Jahan Zeb Ansari) Poultry Development Officer Bahawalpur
Participation in Forum on February 24, 2012
This problem id due to toxins present in feed and can be controlled by restricted feeding; means feed the birds after intervals, feed should remain present in the feeders all the times. Dr.Jahan Zeb Ansari Poultry Development Officer Govt. Poultry Farm Bahawalpur
Participation in Forum on June 10, 2011
Dear sir, You should collect eggs 4 times a day Make the nest in slope shaped so that egg should be slipped down and can not be seen by hens. Put "tennis balls" in nests. It will decrease their habit of breaking eggs. Also use/hang green fodder in shed. Dr.Jahan Zeb Ansari
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