Dr.P.George Kunju John
Feed Consultant
The advices on feed mill management like formulations, purchase advices,new feed formulations New process developments. The developed feeds 1. Urea Molasses Block 2.Bypass protein feed 3. Bypass nutrient technology 4. Sugar feeding 5. Broiler goat feed 7 sweet haylage...
Feed Consultant
Dr. George K John graduated in 1967 on Bachelor of Veterinary Science from University of Kerala, India. He then began to work as a veterinary officer at Amul dairy, the largest dairy cooperative in Asia. He carried out extensive research in rumen manipulation and bypass protein after his post graduation from University of New England, Australia. He developed Urea Molasses Block, bypass protein feed, broiler goat and several feed supplements. Currently he is actively engaged in freelance consultancy to feed plants, Livestock farms, universities in India and abroad.
Cochin, Kerala, India
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Feed Consultant
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