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Mike Persia (Virginia Tech) explained his research on amino acid requirements -particularly tryptophan and valine- and egg quality, during the Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference in Indianapolis, USA.
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Michael Czarick (University of Georgia) discussed the impact of stocking density, above every other factor, on the body temperature of broilers and how to notice the important signs, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
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Nice work. I want to know whether you made economic study in using different stocking densities. Which densities you have and which was more economically feasible?
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Dear all, according to commercial trials in poultry, using SBM as a traditional protein source, optimal phytase activity for laying hens must be approx. 500 FTU/kg of feed. Dosage of phytase activity can be higher if the feed contains more appropriate substrate (phytates). If you replace SBM by SFM, phytate content becomes to be higher. The same story if you use more wheat bran or rice bran. But b ...
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I'm an Associate Prof. in the department of animal science, faculty of agric sc. University of Gezira Sudan, I did a lot of research work solving or alleviating the problem of heat stress in the tropics and I;ve a promissing findings which I tried in the field and brought back good impacts specially in open system of poultry keeping in Sudan. I hope that if I can join this group doing research on ...
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I'm a poultry scientist. I think when the chicken feel comfort, they performe well in terms of growth and body weight gain adding to that good feed conversion ratio. Having less or good FCR means less feed intake and hence good returns addind to that less mortality rate which as well will increase the profits which the producer target. Living in a hygenic enviroment I think is good as well to thes ...
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