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Associate Diploma in Agriculture (AG.BUS)
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While the trial is interesting, it is my experience that you're only presenting part of the story. Maximizing NPN sources is entirely dependent upon the net fermentable carbohydrate profile available, while maintaining adequate peNDF. I believe a trial with a fixed level of NPN (say 1.5%bw) and a variable level of ferm. carbs (ie. 23-28) would better illustrate the dynamics of rumen NPN utilizati ...
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In my opinion, lactating dairy cows don't have a specific requirement for crude protein. Crude protein is only a measure of the nitrogen content of available feedstuffs, and does little to realize the vast differences in MP coming from the growth of bacterial protein. In a very broad term, diets that are high in fermentable carbohydrates (ie; corn silage) will present the opportunity to support hi ...
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Colostrum quality is reflected by the ig density/content. Although not full proof, an excellent way to evaluate the ig content of a specific colostrum sample is to measure the specific gravity of the sample. The heavier the specific gravity, the greater the ig content. Feeding of colostrum as soon as possible following birth (within 1 hr) is recommended. Feed a minimum of 3L for first feeding, ...
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Have you considered sarcocistosis?
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This is a great topic, and in my opinion offers the greatest potential for return in a given lactation. I believe the best dry cow diet is the lo energy diet. This typically consists of corn silage and straw. The reason(s) I would offer is that this diet offers the best in terms of dietary consistency and control for the dry cows. These forage feedstuffs are low in Ca and K, and so the nutritionis ...
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