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I would like to have the complete resume of this presentation For sure, it must be content an important information If you can send this to me, please write at BEST REGARDS
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Of course, I´d like to. One of my biggest interest is on anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects since this physiological response are linked to oxidative stress (REDOX-ROS/NOS).For sure, I will attend your message at 2018 PSA ANNUAL MEETING
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Dr. Vijay Swami, It´s the other way around. You choose an enzyme based on the raw materials that are in the feed. If you already have dipeptides in the GI tract the need for proteases is small. Alkaline proteases should be avoided. Theses proteases are most likely developed for detergents not for animal feed. The efficacy of an enzyme is to a large degree determined by it´s optimum pH level. In ...
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Since human and animals exist in the world, we have the necessity to use antimicrobials (specifically, antibiotics). We never forget about the importance of consciuos and acucios use of antibiotics. I think that products as prebiotics, probiotics, organic acids, enzymes, etc must be complementary to the rational use of antimicrobials in animal production systems, instead of first line solution I ...
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I think , this information is too sperficial.... It does not explains the exact MOA, thus it is not possible to understand how it works. I would like to know any scienific report on Journal.
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