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Article published the September 8, 2017
IntroductionSodium nitrite (SN) has been widely used in Europe as a component of silage additives that strongly inhibits clostridia. As SN is rapidly converted to nitric oxides and ammonia during the early fermentation phase, this compound is applied in combination with other chemicals, which prevent clostridia development during later stages of the fermentation process. Those substances can be he ...
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Article published the October 28, 2010
Gastrointestinal diseases pose a serious threat to commercial poultry production. Infections with pathogenic bacteria and their subsequent translocation to other organs and tissues, cause deterioration of feed conversion, increase mortality and reduce productivity. A number of studies have shown enhanced nutritional and growth parameters in poultry, using organic acids. However, most acids are cor ...
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Article published the September 3, 2010
Salmonella control has a high priority in European pork production. It is a significant cause of human Salmonellosis and causes major economic losses in the pork production chain, through reduced productivity, increased veterinary and hygiene control costs. Preventing the spread of salmonella to the consumer requires special control measures during slaughter and processing. The extra cost of these ...
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Video published on July 27, 2010
Peter Theobald, European Sales Manager for Addcon's feed additives, gave a lecture about salmonella control in pigs at the IPVS Congress 2010 in Vancouver and he talked to about a new product to control this disease.
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