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Abdel-Ghany Ahmed Mahmoud
Prof Dr
Poultry Breeding and Genetics Statistical Inference about populations Phylogenomics and Systematics Secretory editor of Animal; Poultry and Fish Production Journal
Prof Dr
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  John Smith, Director of Health Services at Fieldale Farms Corporation, talk to us about his conference ABF broiler production perspectives, which were addressed some challenges and opportunities producing ABF broilers in the USA, during the Intestinal Health Workshop, supported by DSM Nutritional Products, at the North Carolina State University
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The ongoing transfer of science and technology is a defining feature of the efficiency and success of commercial poultry production. Meeting the nutritional, environmental, and health needs of every bird is key to realizing genetic potential and providing for well-being. To monitor and quickly identify developing problems, basic knowledge and skills in pathology are learned by almost everyone invo ...
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INTRODUCTIONAcidulated soapstock is a fat source produced by the acidification of residues produced during the refining of vegetal oil for human consumption. Several types of soapstock have been used in broiler feeding, and are composed either of a unique source or blends of different fats. Soapstocks have high free fatty acid content. Acidulated Soybean Soapstock (ASS), for example, is composed b ...
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Poultry industry is based on scientific base and extensive studies .No product is added to poultry without scientific study.I have been working in the poultry industry for more than 33 years no hormones were added to poultry.
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August 7, 2008
Location:Ismailia, Al Isma'iliyah, Egypt
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