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Abdullah Scott
Poultry nutrition and metabolism
Article published the June 2, 2023
1 IntroductionCopper (Cu) is a crucial trace element in animals; however, it cannot be stored in the body, thus, a regular dietary supplement is required. In addition, feed ingredients are commonly deficient in Cu; hence, the commercial diet should provide the essential amount of Cu in a biologically dynamic form, which depends on the physical and chemical properties of the form of the supplement ...
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Article published the June 1, 2023
IntroductionThe poultry industry aims to optimize the breast weight of the broilers because of its relatively higher market value. Through the years, improvements in breast meat yield have not only led to myopathies (Caldas-Cueva et al., 2021) but also to increased heat production (Martinez et al., 2019) due to the higher body protein content and turnover rates (Maharjan et al., 2020a; 2021b) in m ...
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Article published the May 11, 2023
IntroductionOptimizing the breast size of broilers is a critical economic target due to its higher market value versus other cut-up pieces. Historical improvements in breast production have shown an impact on the efficiency of broilers in using dietary energy (Martinez et al., 2019a), which accounts for 70–75 % of the poultry feed cost. They have also been associated with quality conditions ...
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Article published the April 3, 2023
1. IntroductionModern broilers show increasing growth rates, improved feed conversions, and increased breast meat size and yield, which play a pivotal role in the economics and sustainability of poultry production. Indeed, across the years, broilers have become leaner [1], and the industry aims to increase breast meat production due to its higher market price.To achieve this aim, operation profess ...
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