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Article published the January 3, 2022
India is the largest producer of milk with 187.75 MT production ( Basic animal husbandry statistics, 2019). The average yield is about 1600 Kg/animal whereas the world average is about 2700 kg/animal. Israel and the USA are the leading countries with average yields of about 13000 and 10500 Kg/animal respectively. (UGAM FOUNDATION’S). The USA is the major producer of maize and contributes nea ...
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Article published the October 25, 2021
Foodborne diseases & global scenario:Up to 30% of the inhabitants in developed countries may be affected by food-borne illness each year and the problems are likely to be even more serious in developing countries. The global occurrence of food-borne disease is difficult to evaluate, but in 2005 it was projected that 22 lakhs people, including 18 lakhs children, died from diarrheal diseases(WHO ...
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Article published the September 21, 2021
Managing heat stress in poultry remains a major concern for both producers and scientists as it accounts for an annual loss of $128 to $165 million in the poultry industry alone. The impact of heat stress results in a drastic change in physiological activity linked with a decrease in feed consumption, growth rate, eggshell quality, and biochemical change like increase in the level of glucocorticoi ...
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Germination time of spore in poultry gut normally and with high TDS in water?
Article published the August 31, 2021
Currently, the animal feeding practice includes prophylactic approaches for supporting intestinal health and immunity to reduce the incidences of dysbiosis, diseases, and the need for antimicrobial medication. The antibiotics kill the pathogen or restrict their multiplication to control the infection from advancing in the host. As per the report of the World Health Organization, the increased and ...
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