Ermin Magtagnob
Novus International, headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, creates animal nutrition solutions for livestock, poultry and aquaculture. Novus operations include corporate offices, research and development laboratories and manufacturing facilities in more than 35 countries, as well as smaller office...
Video published on March 22, 2022
Digestive capability of young animals is different when compared to adult growing pigs and chickens. In this TechTalk, Ermin Magtagnob, Novus Technical Services Manager from Southeast Asia and Pacific, discusses how protease enzymes can assist in managing gut health problems associated with undigested proteins.
Video published on July 16, 2021
The increasing price of corn and soybean meal raises questions about using alternative raw material in a way that would not affect animal performance. In this Tech Talk, Novus's Ermin and Annafe discuss how CIBENZA® DP100 can help increase the flexibility of raw materials usage, optimize savings on feed costs, and still maintain animal performance.
Video published on July 16, 2021
Novus is launching Tech Talks, a video series to address our customers' pain points and industry challenges. The prices of corn and soybean meal continue to rise due to supply shortages. In our first Tech Talk, hear what Sr. Product Specialist Annafe Perino and Sr. Technical Services Specialist Ermin Magtagnob have to share on the issue of high raw material price and how protease enzymes can help.
Video published on March 15, 2021
Ermin Magtagnob, Technical Services Manager at Novus International SE Asia, discusses how the current corn-soybean prices and ratio is affecting animal producers in Southeast Asia Pacific and the role of a protease enzyme to support the use of alternative raw material
Video published on August 4, 2020
Ermin Magtagnob, Regional Technical Services Specialist at Novus International, speaks about key success factors - route of transmission and preventive measures, facility hygiene, team approach to maintaining biosecurity - and best practices we can adopt to support the animal nutrition industry.
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