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How are you Mr. Criss Morrow. I thawed both the MG TS11 vaccine and the MS_H vaccination vaccine produced by Properties simultaneously according to brocure in warm water, temperature of 33-35 degrees Celsius it took 6 minutes from the frozen vaccine to thaw. Is the temperature right, safe or does not damage the vaccine? explanation please.
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Can you (Ewa Sujka) explain the mechanism of essential oil in preventing coccidiosis at 5 weeks of age chickens ?
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Hello Mr. Chris Morrow How the mechanism of the ND Lasota vaccine can increase the MG antibody response which is quite high when we test with Elisa biocheck? Please explain and if you have an article, could you please link it? Thank you.
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Wijaya Saputra Serology is useless after live vaccination (and probably killed MG vaccination). There are too many normal responses and perhaps these are modulated by factors other than mycoplasma - like using LaSota.!Pages/Publications/Documents/DOC-Bulletin-2015-02.pdf See the bulletin. But in Australia nearly all broiler breeders have no serological response ...
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Hello Mr. Chris Morrow I have used the MG Ts 11 vaccine for a long time, based on the results of the Elisa Test before 2019 the average mean titters is between 1000-4000, but starting in 2020 with the use of the MG TS 11 vaccine as well, but different batch numbers now result in titter between 100 - <1000 in the Elisa sample aged 28 weeks. Please explain it why this happened. Whether there is ...
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If we perform carcass surgery on chickens aged 6-7 weeks then we find fluid in the undeveloped oviduct on the right side, whether this is one of the signs of pathological symptoms due to after viral bronchitis infection or just normal conditions. Please enlighten me
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