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it is called Pendulous Crop. this kind of Case do occasionally occur in poultry farm. One out of 5000 bird might have it. the cause is unknown but i want to assume it is a nervous issue i.e issue with Vagus Nerve.
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Good day everyone, please i have a question. Is there any effective tretment for Aspergillosis in chicks?. I have witness 5 farms with severe Brooder pneumonia that almost wipe out their Flock. Nystatin and copper sulphate was used but no improvement.
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This disease is endemic on our breeder farm. One thing i discovered over time is that Pasteurella multocida tend to develop resistance to our choice antibiotics faster especially oral drugs while the injectables like Oxytetracycline reduce the morbidity and mortality by 60-75%. There is a sharp increase in mortality especially in the acute form and also mortality is high in open sided houses tha ...
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Husam Bakri the vaccination was done first day of life using fine spray method. but after the post vaccination reaction , we removed the vaccine from the vaccination program totally.
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Akintunde Akintoye, greetings. Maybe the flocks sprayed with IB-4/91 had a bacterial infection and this vaccine its residual pathogenicity higher Classic IB vaccines, so it was a postvaccinal reaction complicated with bacteria.It's not preferable to use 4/91 in the first few days of life; if you are using prime-boost strategy; use it as a second dose; if it required in your area and match cir ...
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Wael Elfeil, greetings. thank you very much for your contribution. Just like you said, the vaccine strain isn't meant for priming. We have completely removed the vaccine from the vaccination program.
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Thank you for this self-explanatory work. In our breeder farm, we observed that Infectious bronchitis is endemic. At some point, we stock commercial broiler in some of our pen houses and sprayed them with IB4/91 at first week. We started experiencing facial swelling, sinusitis with respiratory distress and of course mild mortalities for like 2 batches. We removed the IB4/91 from the vaccination pr ...
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