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Rian Talen
MSc. Animal Nutrition
Willing to advise on the use of feed additives in pigs and poultry. Expertise lies with fats and oils, fatty acids, monoglycerides and lecithins.
MSc. Animal Nutrition
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Interesting factsThe presence of fat in the diet inhibits the synthesis of fat from carbohydrates. The final composition of body fat is a pondered average among the fat produced endogenously from glucose, the quantity and composition of the fatty acids in the diet and the fat resulting from catabolism through b-oxidation (Ajuyah et al., 1991; Ferreira, 1999, Sanz et al., 2000b).Female broiler chic ...
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Rhodimet Itw techno Homogeneity - Marc Perel, Solution Application Manager, at Adisseo comments about homogeneity and recovery of additives and especially liquid methionine in feed.
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May 21, 2019
Location:Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Profile: Professional
Professional Title: MSc. Animal Nutrition