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Article published the July 13, 2021
The 2021 global demand for pork is high, favoring better pig prices for producers. Feed ingredient prices have also dramatically increased and may tighten profitability margins for pig producers. When both feed ingredient costs and pork prices are high, better FCR and better pig growth are especially important for the producer's bottom line. It is well known that a healthy pig is a more p ...
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Article published the February 2, 2021
IntroductionThere is an increasing global regulatory movement to ensure the judicious use of antibiotics at farms producing milk, meat, eggs, fish, and seafood to reduce the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant pathogens that affect human health. The result of these regulatory changes will reduce the length of time antibiotics can be used, may eliminate the use of antibiotics at farms that are also ...
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Article published the December 1, 2020
It is well known that heat stress or disease stress during gestation and lactation reduces sow herd productivity and profitability. Lactating sows need a high feed intake to maintain their body condition and to support milk production. When sows don’t eat enough feed, especially during stressful episodes can harm both sow and litter production. One possible solution to this problem ...
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Article published the November 24, 2020
 Plasma is comprised of a complex mixture of functional proteins that have a profound, positive impact on animals.Consumed orally, functional proteins help the immune system to respond more quickly and efficiently. This helps animals to use their energy for productive functions instead of using it to fight the stressor.Plasma functional proteins help to minimize the effects of stressors and g ...
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Participation in Forum on June 5, 2020
FERNANDO GARCES EDULLANTES JR Hi, Thanks for your interest. I already have a distributor in Philippines. Best Regards Yanbin
Participation in Forum on May 16, 2020
Hi Xavier,Thanks for sending those questions. I am happy to share some of our thoughts with you. First, plasma has been widely used in pigs’ diets as a health management tool for decades, especially when pigs are under challenge conditions. Publications demonstrate that plasma improve performance and reduce mortality under different situations, involving pathogens, either bacteria or viruses ...
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