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You may go with Maduramycin@ 500 gm/ton of feed along with that a natural antidiarrheal may give prompt reduction in mortality rate
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Ananth K Thanks for your valuable information .
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does Phytocee have role on antigen presenting cell population and its activity , can we say that PHYTOCEE is increasing NK cell number?
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Dr. Virginie Marquis, R&D Manager for Toxicology and Safety at Phileo by Lesaffre, explains why symptoms related to mycotoxicosis can occur at toxin concentrations below the regulatory limit, during VIV Asia 2019
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Elizabeth Davis thanks for clarification
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What is the difference in the mechanism of absorption of organic and inorganic mineral?
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What choline analogues can we use in poultry feed for supplementing choline deficiency instead of natural choline?
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