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Dr. What is the broiler breeder vaccine age of this vaccine?
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Kamalmousa Ghedan, thank you for your question. As we have several IB variants challenging layer & breeder, using several IB variants strains before production will be great to protect birds and to be primier for killed vaccine and QX vaccine to be one from them will be good. Also, I advice to use the IB killed with different IB variants on it will give good antibodies, as more antibodies mean ...
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Good day, Dr. H Bakri: AI H9 is endemic in the area, I think it is playing a role in hindering ND & I.B variants - vaccinations ( i.e vaccines failures ) , due to high pressure in the field early exposure to the virus leads to interference & immune - suppression , in that situation advice on bio-security is a high priority & not to blame vaccines & vaccinations.Regards.
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January 7, 2019
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