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Can we use hot IBD vaccine in high IBD challenge? any damage the BF?
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Thanh, First, thank you for your comments. The standard vaccination day for variants strains 14 days and the class one one day old. Using variants strain day one just when you are fasing IB probable at early age. To get good results from live respiratory vaccine make the interval between them at least 12 days.
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Dr Prafull Zade, vaccine only for healthy birds, no vaccine company recommend for diseases birds. But in practice, we must know how many percent of the flock gets infection and the rest of the farm also. IB live vaccine will help if we do when the morbility still low and we want to protect the rest of farm. And if we do when the morbility too high, the farm will get more inflection. And it de ...
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Husam Bakri , if we use both IB classical and variant at one day old, we see alot of reaction. Why don't we move keep IB classical at day 1 and move variant to day 7 or 10? I saw alot CRD and another respiratory diseases of we do variant at day 1.
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Firstly: the MDA transfer from hen to DOC very low for MD. I see some technical around 20% or something while IBD, ND, IB the percent is higher (70%).Second: what kind of vaccine are you using? Kill or live?
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