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INSTA-PRO International Based in Grimes, Iowa, Insta-Pro International develops industry-leading equipment for producing  chemical-free livestock and poultry feeds, vegetable oils and soy food products. We partner with university and independent researchers to optimize nutritional value for...
Article published the January 10, 2023
Rice bran, left over from milling white rice for human consumption, is an ingredient which is a good source of protein, minerals, fiber and fatty acids representing an alternative product for feed and food applications. Rice bran accounts for about 12% of the entire rice grain kernel, which is naturally rich in lipases. These, naturally present lipolytic and oxidative enzymes a ...
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Video published on August 18, 2022
Join Applied Nutrition Technologist Dr. Janeth Colina as she discusses how ExPress® Soybean Meal can provide you with major benefits when added to swine diets.
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Park W. Waldroup Dr. Waldroup, this discussion has been in the industry for decades, and you have actively participated with a lot of data over the years. So, I think that a little bit of history and actual data may help to illustrate, or better, illustrate again what you have done in reference to formulating to the least cost per balance calorie. At the 1995 Maryland Nutrition Conference (yes, 19 ...
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To make it clear, in my experience, the best cost per gain is obtained by formulating for least cost per balanced calorie. This has been demonstrated a number of times in scientific literature and my experience in formulating diets for some of the leading broiler and turkey producers have borne this out. If you want to see it in action look at the drastic drop in dietary energy levels (and levels ...
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Niyi Balogun Yes, thank you for pointing out the many benefits of full-fat soy. Keep in mind that many types of full-fat soy exist, and the usefulness of each variety in a particular formulation depends mainly on the process chosen, such as high-shear dry extrusion vs. others than are not able to achieve temperature, pressure, shearing stress levels, and other factors that allow optimal usage of ...
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Congratulations on the article, considering the importance of the revised article. I take this to reaffirm some points that I mentioned earlier. Based on the information contained in this review, it can be perfectly deduced that, in practice, the reduction in feed crude protein, which is based on the ratio of essential amino acids to lysine, is the ideal protein for the animal category in question ...
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