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Dear Dr.Jignesh Barot. Please allow me to attempt an answer for you. I am Dr. Chris Morrow's off-sider. As you may know already, the local immunity generated by Live vaccines is far better than humoral immunity generated by killed vaccines. The only thing killed mycoplasma vaccines are good at is producing nice serology reports for vets to action antibiotic use. I have seen (and from experience) ...
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Thank you all for the positive feedback on my presentation/topic. The work is now published in Frontiers in Microbiology Front. Microbiol., 15 January 2020 |
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Aftab anwar I think it is a variant virus that circulates in your farms (4/91 or Qx or others) because conventional vaccines do not provide good protection. For inactivated vaccines, it should be known that the immunity against IB is essentially Mucoid (cellular, ie local), so these vaccines will have only medium to poor protection against a challenge IB or none if the vaccine strain It remains t ...
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In my opinion, if there is a problem of secondary infections (E. coli) it is preferable to carry out samples for serotyping + Antibiogram. in the case of BI: find out what viruses are circulating in area and see if there are any equivalent vaccines available on the market. For E. coli, a very good management is necessary (Water, ventilation, technical management, cleaning and disinfection, ... etc ...
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