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ICC adding value to nutrition Founded in 1992, ICC was born with roots in yeast additives development. Over the years, ICC became a leading innovative biotechnology company with a strong dedication to solutions aiming at animal performance, health foundation and food safety. Our technologies ...
News published on March 1, 2019
ICC's R&D Coordinator, Melina Bonato It is nothing new for women to be increasingly more present in the business market. However, a study conducted by Robert Half Brasil in 2016 shows that there is still a long way to go when it comes to gender equality in the corporate world. It is not just a question of equal pay but, above all, of growth opportunities, development, and respect shown to w ...
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Interesting and illuminating subject on the action of yeast cell wall on the immune system of birds. It is clearly understood that the positive effects of the yeast would be related to the presence of the MOS and the branched B-glucan present in its composition. Taking advantage of your knowledge on the subject, I would like to make some considerations that I deem appropriate. I believe that ...
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Poultry production systems are highly challenging. They are affected by environmental factors like temperature, ventilation, population density and other stressing agents (Rocha et al., 2014). Additionally, pathogens and mycotoxins are constantly present, which may reduce or affect the immune response of broilers. Broilers have a large amount of lymphoid tissue and immune system cells in the inte ...
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Melina Bonato, ICC's R&D Coordinator, explains all the benefits of Hylises.
News published on July 19, 2018
ImmunoWall® and beetroot pulp are some of the ICC Brazil’s products offered to pet nutrition The number of dogs and cats in Brazilian households increases every year. A survey carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) in partnership with the Brazilian Association of the Pet Products Industry (Abinpet), showed that Brazil has the second largest population ...
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News published on June 26, 2018
ImmunoWall®, Lyscell®, and StarFix® are some of ICC products that compose the pets' feed It has been proven that the use of yeast in the pets feed brings numerous benefits. Besides being highly palatable, yeasts act in the digestive process, providing behavioral and well-being improvements. Pets that feel comfortable become less cranky and interact more. Also, the improved intestina ...
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