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Any technical & manage-mental issues related to Commercial Layer & Pullet especially automation or control shed management.
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
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A good article about Tunnel fan shutter indeed.
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Figure 1. Damaged fans with butterfly shutters For decades, the “slant wall” fan was the preferred poultry house exhaust fan (Figure 2). Testing found that by simply moving a traditional exterior panel shutter (Figure 4) to the intake side of the fan, the air-moving capacity of the fan was increased five to ten percent. Furthermore, the interior fan shutter location resulted in a re ...
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Darrin Karcher (Purdue University) discussed the minimum stocking density in this system to achieve sufficient production and welfare conditions -including feather coverage-, during an interview at the Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference and Silvateam's Technical Symposium in Indianapolis, USA.
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Due to heat stress Egg shell color lost as well as production also.
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1. Introduction  Stress, a response to adverse stimuli, is difficult to define and understand because of its nebulous perception. According to Selye [1], “stress is the nonspecific response of the body to any demand”, whereas stressor can be defined as “an agent that produces stress at any time”. Therefore, stress represents the reaction of the animal organism (i.e., ...
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Measuring wind speed/air velocity in a tunnel-ventilated house can be a challenge. Even in the best designed house wind speeds will vary hundreds of feet per minute depending on when and where it is measured. Wind speeds tend to be highest toward the center of the cross-section and lowest near the floor next to the side walls. How much the wind speed varies depends on house construction, the numbe ...
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Detailed and informative article. One can get good insights on light management by revisiting the ideas mentioned in the article. Thanks Dr. Pooja for reviewing many articles and bringing the best insights together in this article.
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According to the latest Bovans layer management guide, at 23 weeks of age the birds should be around 1.7 kg. This is about 200 grams heavier than your birds at 1.5 kg. Light stimulating birds to bring them into production when they are underweight can cause prolapse. I would suggest that you contact your nutritionist and let him reformulate your ration to suit the weight of the birds, egg producti ...
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SAI SUDHAKAR NAIDU.VELLORE Dear S. S. Naidu, Thanks for your query which can initiate a powerful discussion to conclude the best light system in poultry house. Before moving to the main query, let me explain the basic difference between the LED and Tube light (CFL). As you know, apart from its (LED) well known advantages like more energy efficient, close approximation of daylight spectrum, non f ...
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What happens in open houses in Pakistan with seasonal flocks:1-Mostly birds are under weight during rearing.2-Early stimulation starts due to seasonal variation.3-Under weight,early stimulated bird now reach at production but can't take required feed due hot & humid weatherUltimately faces problems especially PROLAPSE along with more starter eggs,post peek dip. I suggest farmer should hav ...
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