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Thank you for painting a more complete picture of how fats should be fed to dairy - both from an economical and nutritional standpoint. I would also like to add to the argument, that the quality of the fat will play a large role in the cascade of effects during and after lactation. Feeding products that already contain a high-quality source of fat may suffice the metabolic requirements instead of ...
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I would like to add a few more comments regarding making sinking vs floating fish feed. 1. Floating or sinking pellets are dependent on the formulation. Both the type of starch and inclusion rate of starch will make a shaped fish feed float. Generally, sinking pellets incorporate less starch and higher fat, with post-fat application likely. 2. Additionally, the type of die plate used will help wit ...
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Nkonge Bbosa, both animal and plant starches can act as a binding agent in the formulation. Higher quality starches, such as high-gluten wheat flour, plant-based cellulose, or even animal plasma products can all serve to improve pellet durability. Do you have a desired length of time after feeding before the pellet loses its durability in mind?
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1. IntroductionIn January 2014, the European Union presented some climate and energy targets to achieve in 2030 [1], which imply more contribution of renewable energies to the energy mix, although with a postponement of the achievement for these goals. The preceding scenario, the well-known 20-20-20 target, was signed in 2008 and implied, compared to 1990, 20% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020, c ...
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I. INTRODUCTIONHistorically, there has been a move from the use of a total Ca (tCa) to total P (tP) ratio system (NRC, 1950) to a tCa to inorganic P (iP) ratio (NRC, 1954), to the use of tCa to available P (aP) that appeared in the 1984 NRC. In 1950, the requirements were 1.0% tCa and 0.6% tP (1.66 tCa:tP) (NRC, 1950) and, in the 1954 NRC, the qualification was made giving importance to the availa ...
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