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Dear Dr Brian Jordan plz send me the contact person detail so that i can have the literature study. we have central HVAC system in our GP hatchery. That is why I would like to have complete information.RegardsMehboob Elahi
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please share which microbes u r using in this product. 
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Dear Sir when you have results, could you please share them. Normallywe operate fans in a way that as temprature rises other fans turns on, e.g, fan 1 at 21 C, fan 2 at 22 C 8 at 28C. as temperature drops in night than fans start to turn offf from higher temp to lower, Maybe, I'm not sure but one fan turns off we save 2.5 Amp current. but when speed of all fans decrease we may have l ...
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Very interesting to listen. I want to ask Michael Czarick which fan they have used in study?Although by reducing fan's speed energy cost may be reduced but if we want to keep the same speed of air exchange with variable speed fan at less speed weneed to install more number of fans. I think by increasing number of fans to keep same air exchange the energy cost will increase? Need you ...
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Sachin patel mentioned (In this context its suggestive of control through medication like macrolide and pluromutilin group of antibiotics as they are only having the capacity to treat intracellularly as compared to other class of antibiotics. As since so long there is no resistance problem has been registered till date and no interference of these molecules to human food chain.) i want to ask. wha ...
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Good article, all the comments are valuable. Regarding the comments by Sushil, I add here that the day old chick has to pass through hatch, vaccination, grading, travel, loading unloading so many stress. Therefore the first drink with some multi vitamin is good to help reduce the stress.
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Good article. But let us not forget lukewarm medicated water with vitamin A, B complex and probiotic before 12 hours of chicks arrival.Keep the brooder house lights on and brooder light on 12 hrs before the arrival of chicks provide feed also, at that time, ensure that brooder temp is 95 F. During this time, with good ventilation, provide caged wall at every 10 ft distance to avoid free movem ...
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Prevention of AI is only possible with strict and continuous biosecurity measures because most of the farms whenever their flock is affected with AI then they use disinfectants vigorously and once disease is subsided then they stop using, Most of the brolier flocks are being not vaccinated with AI vaccine or not much biosecurity measures are following,so virus can survive and spread through backya ...
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