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Advice given in all areas of hygiene and biosecurity for all aqua systems. Especially shrimp,tilapia and cat fish. Disease transmission through poor biosecurity can be minimised
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I am glad to hear you have been practicing biosecurity. You are right it is very important and crucial to the success of your business. It is hard to say what is a minimum level or as I would describe it as good effective biosecurity and owned by all on your farms. With regard to excessive, again, it should be the right programme designed specifically for your farms and with the right products. I ...
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Dear Livhuwani. I totally agree with you. Sometimes it is the small family farm that does not think they need or should do any biosecurity. It is seen by them as something only applicable to the large farms. Although this is a very important area and can have huge economic effects not only for them but also for larger farms. It is, unfortunately, an education process of why they are doing it to no ...
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Biosecurity should be looked at as an essential part of the tthree-waymatrix. Effective biosecurity is essential. And will compliment good vaccines and good management. But is not an excuse for poor management and poor administration of vaccines. The same as good management and good vaccines are not a replacement for poor biosecurity
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There is an awful lot of misunderstanding across the world on biosecurity. Especially what products to use and how to use them. This includes the application. I have been spending a lot of time recently educating on effective biosecurity and exploding some of the myths talked about programmes and products. As the great Joseph Lister quoted "The germ is nothing. The circumstances are everything". B ...
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