Article published the December 30, 2019
Introduction Calcium is an essential nutrient to the body of birds, as it participates in several biochemical functions and in bone formation. The deficiency of this mineral can cause damages; thus, it is essential to adequately meet the nutrient requirements in the different stages of bird development. Its metabolism is closely related to that of phosphorus (P) (Mello et al., 2012), which leads ...
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Article published the August 14, 2019
Introduction Broiler diets consist basically of plant-derived ingredients. These feeds are characterized by having a large part of phosphorus in the form of phytate (Rostagno et al., 2011), which is poorly hydrolyzed by monogastric animals (Ravindran et al., 1995), which do not have a significant activity of enzymes such as phytase throughout the gastrointestinal tract. However, in addition to c ...
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