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Photo posted on August 4, 2017
Sweet Manufacturing's CalorMatic® Heat Processor - Hawk Model
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Rated at capacities from 1-2 TPH to 17-20 TPH the Calormatic system is a very reliable machine used in several applications. Most of our customers located in north of the US had Calormatic systems to defrost soybeans before oil extraction during the winter time, by doing this the beans can be processed at the right temperature and also the process to deactivate the anti-nutritional factors is pr ...
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The CalorMatic® Heat Processor is modern technology that makes heat processing of a  variety of free-flowing materials simple, practical, and profitable. Learn More About Sweet’s Unique CalorMatic® Heat Processor downloading the latest product brochure by clicking here Unique Concept in Roasting and Drying: • No direct contact with flame • Maximum f ...
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I believe that our product could be a great alternative for sourcing your own processed Soybeans to be made for feed. Our Calormatic offers infinite adjustment in heating, retention time, air flow & roasting temperatures we can roast, toast, thaw & process a variety of grain based and specialty products. throughout the years we have processed the following:SoybeansMiloCornOyster shellsTapi ...
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In countries like Uganda where fish is used as a main protein yet very expensive, soya is an inevitable alternative. Uganda pig industry is still controlled by smallholder farmers who cannot afford heavy machinery for soya processing to kill/denature digestion inhibitors and the feed companies available mainly focus on fish targeted for poultry feeds, little is dedicated to piggery. Our company ( ...
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I think this test was conducted by roasting the soybeans on a Calormatic unit! To make by-pass protein from soybeans some people heat the beans in excess of 350F for 45-60 minutes at least in order to produce this kind of product, however, the crude oil facing high temperatures and being exposed for long periods of time will be damaged. Nowadays, some processors extract the crude oil first from th ...
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