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Chuck Schwab, Professor Emeritus University of New Hampshire, USA. speaks about the factors affecting the amino acid (AA) requirements of dairy cows: Protein digestion, metabolizable AA sources, absorbed AA functions, benefits of balancing for the most limiting AA, and more. Presentation at the 2020 Vision and Beyond Ruminant Nutrition Conference, organized by Adisseo
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Peaks Farm is located in the village of Onneley, just inside the Cheshire border and overlooking the surrounding counties of Staffordshire and Shropshire. Andrew Moss is the second generation of his family to run Peak Farm, after his Dad bought it 45 years ago, starting off with just 15 cows. Today, the farm has transformed and is home to a high-yielding herd of 311 Holstein cows that currently ...
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IntroductionVitamins are organic compounds needed in minute amounts that are essential for life. A vitamin must be in the diet or be synthesized by microorganisms in the digestive system and then absorbed by the host animal. Currently there are 14 recognized vitamins of which four are fat-soluble and ten are water-soluble, but not all animals require all 14 vitamins (Table 1). When an animal absor ...
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Ruminant nutrition is highly sophisticated. Immense research and application efforts have culminated in great successes. Today, we can satisfy with a relative high precision the nutritional needs of high producing dairy cows. Highly efficient genetic selection and improvement in overall management has resulted in a national average of ca. 10,000 kg of milk per year in USA. The 2012 USDA annual rep ...
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