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We can offer alternative products with 93% digestibility compared to calcium soaps. We use the most recent rationing software available today, that is based on the Ultra-Mix model, Nutri-opt .
Ruminant Nutrition Dip
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Interesting. Please send me a spec sheet for the equipment. What is cost?
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Introduction The transition period into lactation remains one of the most challenging and important phases of the production cycle in a dairy cow. It is a transient period around calving characterised by drastic changes in the hormonal status, 2 to 5-fold (Bradford, 2020) increases in nutrient demand and apportioning of 85% of body glucose to the mammary gland. Simultaneously, the requirement for ...
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Katie Mayo You are very welcome, he has also published some really good papers on the feeding of fats and particularly Individual fatty acids..
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Katie Mayo Hello Kate, i believe this could be of interest to you. We are manufactures of an energy supplement that is totally palm free and we put strong emphasis on C18:1
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Nice information, I would like to add higher levels of palm oil based fat/fatty acids having higher level of C16 fatty acids inclusion in ration can suppress synthesis of short and middle chain fatty acids in the udder tissue. These short chain and middle chain fatty acids are important for suckling calves survival and growth also for human health.
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C16:0 increases the concentration of mixed (C16:0) and total milk FA and reduces the concentration of de novo and preformed FA. On a yield basis C16:0 increases the yield of mixed and total FA with no change in the yield of de novo FA. C4:0 and C6:0 were positively associated with C16:0 while C12:0 and C14:0 were negatively associated. This is from a paper by Lock and de Souza 2018. Tri-State Dair ...
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Alfredo,Your brief on transition glucose and lipid metabolism are spot on. Rumen-protected glucose is something we often ignore and you have correctly highlighted it here. Another element we should consider are the omega fatty acids. We also include rumen-inert glycerine as a glucose precursor. Our ratio works out as 53:42:0.05 for C16:0:C18:1:N-3 (EPA+DHA+ALA). It works quite successfully.
Participation in Forum on February 12, 2019 Please see the above link, which is a great article and put for more succinctly than I could ever write. However, UFAC (UK) ltd are manufactures of such described products, and work really well here in the UK.Kind RegardsMark Townsend
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I have made comparison in my client farm. The Calcium soap tend to increase the milk yield but lower in milk fat compare to c16:0 which higher in milk fat with litle lower in milk yield. Meanwhile Calcium soap was believed tend to reduce feed palatability due to the soapy odour
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Interesting observation. However, let's remember that at the feed rates above the fat supplementation is less than 2% of the total dry matter. In order to get the fat % right the whole ration must be examined particularly with regard to fibre index. C16 on its own may increase milk fat but if not carefully balanced with the rest of the nutrients can reduce fat digestibility and exacerbate loss ...
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